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The answers are within you 

Truth, Courage, and Love will get you there 



Yoga meets you where you are. 

If you are ready to feel  FREEDOM and EASE in your life, you are in the right place. Your TIMING IS PERFECT. 


RESILIENCE, COMPASSION, AND CONNECTION are all for you to feel and take.


Heal yourself. Heal your lineage. Heal the world. 

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Celine Clark, School Teacher

Michelle's yoga classes have a great balance of centering meditations, calming music, challenging asanas, and clear instructions. I have loved every class I've taken with her! What I enjoy most is that she sees yoga as not only a tool for healing and personal transformation, but also as a path toward social justice and collective change. She shares both of these aspects of her yoga practice with her students in a loving and passionate way, which I truly find inspiring!


Roxana Tota, LMHC

Michelle's Chakra Masterclass series felt like a safe place. A safe place to share our experiences, grow, practice yoga, journal and reflect together. A safe place to do shadow work to discover, or bring to surface our traumas, and how they have affected our chakras and left them unbalanced, and the steps we can take towards healing. I'm so thankful for this series. Thank you, Michelle, for everything you shared with us, for making us feel comfortable and inviting us to share our story as well. I felt lighter every class. I can't wait for the next series!


Ingrid Laos, Author, Teacher and Coach

Michelle is the consummate yoga teacher. She's molded together her significant experience of teaching, her knowledge of Hinduism, and most importantly, the true practice of yoga or "union" of body, mind, and spirit and of the self to our Divine nature into her practice. Her expertise is evident as she guides you through alignment, breathwork, mudras, teachings, and music that touches the Spirit. Practicing with her is always new, refreshing, deep, and fills me with gratitude. 

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