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I used to think that feeling joy wasn't for me. I was miserable on the inside, but did a great job at hiding that from people. I cared so much about what others thought about my life that I was constantly performing and spent years suppressing resentment, anger, fear, and shame. 

I lied so that I would look good. I just didn’t realize that all those secrets were making me sick mentally, emotionally, and physically. I thought if my life seemed perfect people would admire and love me. That was until I realized that I was only really lying to myself and that my lifestyle was not sustainable. 


After years of numbing and burying my feelings, as a way to protect myself, I had an emotional breakdown and things got ugly. As cliché as it sounds, I remember feeling trapped in the chains of anxiety and depression, lying down on the bathroom floor wanting to leave this world. That was my wake up call.


The emotions I had been suppressing exploded out of my chest. It was scary AND I was brave. I made the decision to break out of the patterns that kept me from joy. I went to yoga every single day, went back to therapy and reached out to my loved ones. Since then, the healing hasn't stopped and my life has never been the same. 


Yoga and Trauma-Informed practices + care saved my life. I went from living in paralyzing fear, shame, and guilt to connecting to my deepest desires, finding my voice, and being directed to my life’s purpose.


This is why I do this work. This is why I created Root to Rise Yoga. I am now on a mission to serve my community by sharing the healing practices that have served me so much. Using my expertise in chakras, yoga psychology, shadow work, trauma-informed practices, and meditation I lead transformative workshops, retreats, group + private classes online and in person, so that you can also step in your next level of wellness, healing, and transformation.


May this space serve you on and off the mat.


It is my honor to share these practices with you and to support you in your journey to resiliency.  


Michelle Douglas, RYT500

Founder of Root to Rise

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